Hello everyone,
It's my birthday next week so as per tradition I thought I'd make a little wishlist. Honestly, I don't particularly need anything desperately, so these are all things that would be lovely gifts. I don't usually make a big deal about my birthday but it's the big TWO-FIVE! Haha, I'm supposed to be an actual grown-up now aren't I?
Quite a biggie for a birthday gift but my family said they'd all chip in towards a new laptop. I've been thinking about a Chromebook as I don't need it for anything too technical, I have Photoshop etc on my desktop so a laptop would purely be for writing/working on the go. Since getting a 'real' writing job I feel like I can't depend on my desktop and phone anymore, especially whilst I'm here, there and everywhere at the moment! This is cheap, cheerful and simple which is what I need.

A white laptop isn't going to stay white for very long with me haha! As you can probably tell I'm in love with the folk, ethnic prints at the moment and the case is lovely, I think I'm really feeling the autumnal vibes :) Since becoming a gingey redhead again, I'm definitely attracted to the warmer tones.

I've wanted a watch for some time now (badumdumtsch-sorry) but I'm really fussy! I don't want anything too big, too flashy, silver, no leather, no links etc it's been a hard search. I love this one by Johnny loves Rosie because it's classic & cute, it has little gold polka dots and even little heart arms. Plus it's silicone rather than leather woohoo!

I got this Woodwick candle for my birthday last year and I'm being serious when I say it's only just finished burning a few weeks ago! I lit it almost every day and it smelt divine. Rum & raisin is one of my favourite combinations and in candle form it was sweet, spicy and sandalwoody which I love. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find this scent anywhere so this is a birthday plea, if you find one please sent it my way ;)

In a bid to make my caravan super cosy and extra boho, I think I need to treat myself to some new bedding. Wilkos ones are cheap and last well. As I mentioned before my love for hippy prints is showing no slowing down at the moment so this will go perfectly in my lil caravan, At Whimsy Towers I liked the black and white look with pops of colour as all the rooms were white & bright. In the caravan, the curtains all around are mustard colour and all the furniture is pine wood so white doesn't really fit in.

TRUTH: I already treated myself to this as an early birthday present 'to me from me' last week haha. It's amazing though, I remember using something similar a few years ago from Lush and it did wonders for my skin but it was limited edition and I didn't really think about it anymore. When I popped in the other day I got chatting to one of the lush gals as you do, and she said it was very similar to the one I used to use and they do it all year round! My skin feels so smooth and fresh after using it. Plus is vegan and has no nasties in it :)

I don't have any big plans for my birthday yet but I'm sure something will form nearer the time!
What is on your wishlist at the moment? Christmas is coming up ;)
Thanks for reading
Rachelle xxx

CHARITY SHOP CHIC: My Second-hand Fashion Journey (So Far!)

Hey everyone,
I wanted to chat to y’all about how my charity shop habits have changed. I’ve been a keen charity shopper for the past five years now so I thought I'd share my 'journey' with you, I'd get a brew or something, it's quite a long one haha :)

I first found my passion for bargain hunting at university whilst I was studying fashion promotion and styling. Obviously I loved designer fashion but on my student budget there was no way I could ever afford the pieces. I wasn’t really that bothered by the whole ‘ethical’ aspect of it. To me charity shopping meant I could wear outfits that no-one else would be wearing on my fashion course plus it would save me money.

At first vintage was the aim and looking kooky AF was the game haha. I used to think I was like an eclectic, punk grandma when in reality I probably looked more like a bag lady! I ignored sizes and every day was a different look. At least it was an improvement on my UCLAN hoodie and leggings combo that I wore all the time to lectures-such a fashion student :’) My go to was a variety of oversized grandad cardigans paired with one of fiftyzillion pairs of pattern tights I owned as I didn't 'do' trousers :')
Some granny-chic outtakes from when I first started the blog :')
Time-hop reminded me that it’s been six years since freshers times! Man, how times flies. I think in first year I wasn’t as keen on charity shopping as I was still a bit on the fence about it, why would I buy old clothes when I was in walking distance to a Primark?! What first year did introduce me to was the flea market. I remember our first project was doing a window campaign for the local charity shops based on a film. I think that pretty much changed my view on styling. Our film was Labyrinth with David Bowie and I just thought it was an amazing project idea.  We had to use clothing from our assigned charity shop but we could go wild in the flea market for props and accessories. I used the flea market a lot for future projects but never really for my personal wardrobe til the following year.

Our project was the large black and white image on the left, even made it in the local paper!
This is when I set up my online vintage shop and again I was still on the vintagevintagevintage mindset. I didn’t see any point in buying high street names. I think I was more of a magpie for old labels and granny-chic knits. Anything bright and psychedelic was on the pile too! Although again I still didn’t wear all of these crazy clothes. I was still trying to find my style. I only had my online shop for a couple of months over summer whilst I was off university.

My favourite thing was to trawl the Urban Outfitters website or nip into Topshop and try and find charity shop dupes in a similar patterns or shapes, so that’s when I was more influenced by trends. I was studying upcoming trends on my course and always involved in researching catwalk and street style so I guess that gave me a massive heads up in searching for ‘on-trend’ second-hand pieces.

My vintage wardrobe whilst at university.
At this point I was becoming more aware of the cost of ‘fast-fashion, trying to become more ethical and I was more interested in sustainable and DIY fashion. Most of the girls in my class were high-street addicts and would gladly spend their student loan on a huge shopping trip. I just couldn’t justify it and I got a buzz from finding second-hand bargains anyway.

Fast-forward to me being a graduate, living in Lancaster and commuting to Preston most days for work. I wasn’t full time and the train fares zapped a chunk of my earnings so charity shopping was a necessity. Lancaster has loads of amazing charity shops and I’d visit them at least once a week for my retail therapy. I still wasn’t really sure what my ‘defining style’ was, but I was still steering away from ‘classic pieces’ and ‘basics’. Looking back I was buying things if they were cheap, with no regard if they went with any other pieces on my overflowing, clothes rail which collapsed on a daily basis due to having too many clothes!! I had ‘nothing’ to wear because my wardrobe was lacking simple outfit-building pieces. My uniform was my denim shorts and a jazzy top or if it was cold my denim shorts with tights and a jazzy jumper haha. My actual uniform was head to toe black so I wanted to add as much colour as I could to counteract the daily dose of goth.

I started to welcome high-street labels into my wardrobe under a few conditions.
They had to be:
-almost new ( no bobbling, holes, stains etc)
-a plain colour or neutral pattern like stripes,
- they had to go with other items in my wardrobe
- they had to be a natural material such as cotton or wool.

This is where I changed to quality. I used to buy vintage as it was better made, but I found that it did deteriorate after a few spins in the washing machine. I also used to buy cheap pieces that needed a lot of Vanish and some stitching and would look better if it was altered etc etc but I found that I just never got round to giving them the TLC they deserved. Honestly I never really spent more than £3 on an item.

My autumn edit for the vintage fairs I did a couple of times.
I moved to back to Preston, I noticed that my favourite charity shops that used to be brimming with vintage were now full of second-hand Primark and George at ASDA.  This is when I attempted to find the best quality high street brands. I don’t buy supermarket/ Primark or Matalan second hand as the materials and styles are very trend-based. I find that Next, Zara, Oasis and Marks and Spencers basics last well and work season to season.  In my opinion Topshop & River island are ok for occasional wear, but I wouldn’t expect them to last long.

I read somewhere that before you commit to buying a new item of clothing you should vision yourself wearing it at least 30 times for it to be a sustainable purchase. It really got me thinking, I was probably wearing some items 5 times max before they were becoming tatty or losing shape.  Now the 30-wear question is always at the front of my mind when I’m shopping.  I think this is the case whether you shop on the high-street or second hand.

Green is the New Black is a fantastic read
I also take more care of the items I buy, if it’s a delicate material I’ll hand wash them, I’ll repair any holes or loose hems as soon as they happen. I bought proper hangers so clothes don’t lose shape. I polish my shoes regularly and stuff my boots when I’m not wearing them. After watching The True Cost, I’ve learnt that clothing should be loved and treasured. If it doesn’t work for you don’t throw it or hoard it, sell it or give it to someone who will appreciate it. Clothing should make you feel fantastic, finding a bargain should make you feel great too. Although a charity shop bargain will always make you feel 100% better than a Primark bargain. If you’ve not heard of The True Cost, it’s on Netflix and it’s a really insightful documentary about how the fashion industry affects third world countries.

The next transition in the second-hand quest was to align it with my new found vegan values, This means no fur (obviously, I was anti-fur anyway) no leather, no suede, no wool, no cashmere and no silk.
It's fair enough to say that it's second-hand/vintage so at least you are giving it another lease of life which is less cruel. However for me personally that isn't an option anymore.The new leather the industry makes today will be vintage one day and that doesn't mean the animal didn't suffer. So it's better for my conscience to not buy any. I have a few items in my wardrobe that I've had for years that are made from wool or leather, but I'm aiming to wear them til they can no longer be worn and then replace them with a synthetic alternative.

Now I'm living in my caravan back in The Lakes, No-one is really fussed about fashion here so the majority of the time I'm wearing jeans, a tee and my Pikachu slippers! It's nice to get dressed up for a meal or going out with the girls. There aren't as many charity shops close by so I get the train to one of the nearby towns occasionally and make a day of it! Actual civilization!
My main priority at the moment is to have a workable wardrobe, where it's simple to choose an outfit and I never say 'I've got nothing to wear!' This means that I've been swayed by basics and plain colours. Obviously I still have a few jazzy patterned key pieces but by adding timeless basics into the mix it means I have more ways of wearing my prints.

Wowee this idea for a post has actually become a mini essay! I hope you've enjoyed reading it and I'd absolutely love to hear about your experiences with charity shops and second-hand clothing. I'm sure there is a little, sassy tribe of like-minded ladies out there ( I've seen you on Instagram!) So do please get in touch :D

Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


THRIFTY TRAVELS: My Top Five Tips For Seeing The World On A Budget

So again it's been rather quiet over here, I've somehow managed to get employed, by three different companies! So I've gone from unemployed to working three jobs ahh! Granted they are only a couple of days a week and the third job doesn't start for a few weeks. I'll explain more in my next post ;)

At the tearooms my boss asked if I ‘had a trust fund or something’ when I mentioned I was going to Croatia next week ‘But you’ve just come back from France!’ My priority right now is to travel whilst I can, I’m not very well travelled and I’d love to see more of the world whilst I don’t have any real responsibilities. I managed to get to France for £48 and my accommodation was free thanks to my cousin :) For my upcoming Croatia trip we somehow got flights and an apartment for £100 each which is amazing! But when you’re skint, travelling definitely goes down as a priority. I am by no means a travelling expert but here are my tips and tricks on how to travel on a low budget...

1)       For cheap flights you need to check Skyscanner-everyday!  Sign up for the e-mail updates which notify you when your journey decreases in price. I don’t really understand flight price- how can it be £21 one day and the next it’s £221?! If you’re flexible when you travel it’s worth checking the ‘Cheapest Month’ option which shows the cheapest flights of the year. If you’re not fussy about the destination search ‘Everywhere’ and it will show the bargain trips! It might suggest places you’ve never heard of or maybe you didn’t think to consider but hey, an adventure is an adventure right!

2)      When looking for accommodation check Airbnb first. You can stay in someone’s private room or there are entire apartments that you can rent much cheaper than hotel prices. I always think it’s much nice to stay somewhere with a bit of personality rather than a basic room. Croatia is the first time I’ve used AirB&B so I’ll have to report back on the experience. The lady who owns the apartment seems lovely and has 5 star reviews. If you recommend the site to a friend you get site credit which will make your trip cheaper!
Geekiest Railcare ever :')
3)      As I’m a county bumpkin I live quite far away from an airport, Liverpool or Manchester are probably my closest so both require a train journey to get there. Booking in advance is the best way to find cheap train tickets; I have a railcard too which has paid for itself many times over. When I went to Amsterdam we shared a taxi from Liverpool city centre to the airport which was around £20, when I flew to France I decided to get the bus to the airport from the city centre which cost £2.90! So it’s definitely worth planning your journey so you have time to factor in public transport if you want to save some money.

4)      Personally I’d rather go on a shorter holiday and live more lavishly rather than staying somewhere for ten days but having to scrimp on the experience. Croatia is going to be a four day break so we can afford to see a few sights, rent a scooter, go out for a fancy meal and experience the nightlife. It’s all about compromise and knowing why you want to go on the trip. If I was stressed out a two-week holiday spent on a beach, reading stacks of books might be more relevant. A fortnight somewhere may sound like a bargain deal but once you factor in eating/drinking/sightseeing for the extra days it can really make the difference to a well kept budget.

5)      Go on Holidaypirates, it’s amazing! Truth be told I’ve never actually booked something they’ve posted but it give you a good idea of where is cheap and where to stay. They often have error fares which means you can fly to more exotic places very cheaply.  They have a lot of UK deals too which is perfect if you fancy a weekend getaway glamping or to a spa hotel.

Do you have any top tips for travelling on a budget?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx



As some of you may know I'm planning on going travelling over the next few months, nothing is set in stone yet and I'm sure the locations are subject to change as it is travelling on a shoestring!
Which brings me to my next point. Shoes.
I love shoes but I think my age is starting to come through, my love for granny-chic is winning over beautiful yet impractical shoes!

For travelling, I need something; 
-That goes with a variety of outfits
-But still has a stylish edge to it...
-...Yeah and I don't want to spend lots of money obvsss.

I think it's a pretty big ask but I have found a few brands/pairs that look like they are up to the test!
As I'll only be taking hand luggage, I can realistically take two pairs of shoes, one on my feet and one in the bag at a push three if they're super lightweight and space-saving.

Let's have a moment of honesty. I keep stealing my stepdad's Karrimor velcro sandals in the morning when I nip outside to feed the dogs and omg are they comfy! I'm sure the sleepy, rural village that I live in will not judge me for dad sandals and fluffy pink bed socks :)

They're ideal but they just don't look right with any of my clothes haha, I need something a little more stylish...

1)Teva Orange Flatform Sandals (here)
Truth be told, I already have these with me in my caravan but I got sent the wrong size and they don't have my size in stock anymore. I'm wondering if half a size too small is really a big deal but I love them so much I can't bare to send them away haha. They do make me a good 6 foot high and probably aren't that practical but they look ace.

2)Dr Martens Belfour Sandals (here)
Again sizing is an issue with these bad boys. I've tried on a size 7-too small and the shop didn't stock an 8! waaah #bigfootproblems. They are really durable with a sole that could withstand many hours walking. They don't look too 'dads walking sandals' and you get the Dr Martens quality.

3) Crocs 'Sexi-Flip' Leopard Flip Flops (here)
I like the design of these flip flops as they are minimalist yet they are leopard print. Everyone on this planet knows that Crocs are super-comfortable but usually they don't come into the equation when you fancy a stylish bit of footwear.

4) Skechers Sunday Stroll Shoes (here)
Hmm, I've never actually seen these shoes in real life so I don't know if they'll fit how I imagine. My good buddy works for Skechers and she says they look nice. My favourite thing about Skechers is the glorious, marshmallowy memory-foam insoles. I have a pair of the trainers already which I would take for travelling but they are really bright tie-dye pattern and don't go with a lot of my holiday outfits. They also have them in plain black but I like the bright colours weaved in without being too OTT.

5) Dr Martens Daytona Desert Boots (here)
Aww, my new shoe crush! If you've followed this blog for a while you will know that I love Dr Martens, heck I've already featured one pair in this list already. Anyway, I've had many over the years but since turning vegan my choices are more limited as most of them are made from leather. I absolutely love the desert boot style of the shoes AND they are velvet which is perfect for me! I thought I'd include a pair of boots as it might not be a sandal-wearing heat in all countries I plan to visit, especially with winter around the corner.

6) TOMS Del Rey Trainers (here)
I have never owned a pair of TOMS but whilst doing in-depth research for this post, 'most comfortable shoe for life' these guys came out on top. I definitely prefer the trainers style rather than the classic slip on/espadrille TOMS are famous for. Also, I like the 'one for one' campaign they are running. When you buy from them, they give a child in need a pair of shoes. I enjoy the snazzy black and white tribal pattern.

Which are the comfiest shoes you've ever owned? Do you have any other 'traveller' shoe recommendations?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


VEGAN LIFE:15 Vegan Things To Buy In Aldi

If you're thinking about becoming vegan but think it's waay too expensive to buy vegan food, this post is for you! It's a common misconception that you have to buy food specifically made for vegans from the health shop. False! There are loads of 'accidentally vegan' foods that are readily available & for bargain prices too.
I'm a big fan of Aldi supermarket, so I've compiled a shopping list of my favourite vegan-friendly foods.

-Everyday Essentials porridge oats
-Harvest Morn milled linseed with goji berries,sunflower& pumpkin seeds
-Del-Rivo 100% pressed juice (not from concentrate)
-Ripe & Ready avocados (2 pk)
-Organic Fairtrade bananas
-Deli roasted red pepper hummus
-Moser Roth dark chocolate with almond & orange
-Foodie Market mixed nuts
-Clancys roasted & salted pistachios
-Everyday Essentials plain tortilla chips
-Foodie Market 3 grain & 3 seeds cripbreads
-Bramwells gherkins
-Cucina Antipasti grilled peppers
-Diplomat green tea & lemon teabags/peppermint
-Specially Selected pure Canadian maple syrup

*As always recipes are subject to change so please check the label

By saving on everyday essentials, it means you have a little extra cash to spend on pricier food such as a fancy milk alternative ( I'm loving hemp milk at the moment). I usually pop into M&S/Holland & Barratt to stock up on a few healthier options. I'm attempting to eat less processed foods & actually fuel my body with what it needs instead of eating 'faux-foods' as I like to call them. Obviously eating a whole packet of hobnobs a bit of dark chocolate is fine now & again :)

I hope this post helps some of you. even if you're not thinking about turning vegan it's a great way to incorporate some healthier choices into your lifestyle, especially if your are on a student budget. I'm going to be including more food/healthy eating posts on the blog in the future, It's something I'm really passionate about at the moment & I want to share the love :)

Do you shop at Aldi? Have you ever tried being veggie/vegan?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle x


The Perks Of Being Unemployed

Aloha everyone,
So we're almost mid-September which marks over three months of me being dundundun...UNEMPLOYED. The thing is I'm not overly pressurising myself to get a generic job just yet. I'm planning to go on some thrifty travels in the upcoming months so that's my priority right now. Money is really tight at the moment but it's making me re-evaluate what I want VS what I actually need to buy. Plus I'm enjoying not having a job as it means I can do all this cool stuff...

Having actual ‘free-time’.
I’ve not had freedom like this since summers of university & even then I had a job or just didn’t make the most of it. Now when I make plans I’m not restricted by days. I used to find that when I had a week off from work I’d try and squeeze in so many activities I never had proper time to rest.

Seeing more of your family.
I had a sleepover at my dad’s house this week when I discovered the last time I visited was over a year and a half ago!? I’m also going to stay at my aunties for a couple of days on the Cumbrian coast and at the end of the month I’m going to visit my cousin in France. Beforehand I’d only really see my family at bigger family events but it’s so much nicer to be able to make the effort and visit them at home.

Being able to experiment in the kitchen.
Usually when I was working I only really baked or put something exotic in the slow cooker if it was my day off. Now I can create vegan treats to my heart’s content. I can make meals that take a lot longer to prepare as I’ve not just got back home and I need to stuff my face with beans on toast so I don’t pass out from hunger!

Getting the little things done.
I’d wanted to spray-paint a few things, sew some clothes, re-organise my shoe collection, sort out my photos on my computer etc etc but these jobs always got put to the bottom of the list when I was working.  Now it’s satisfying to be getting a handful of things done every day.

Always being available for social events.
Mate, I literally have nothing better to do then come out and party with you haha. Seriously though it’s great to be able to say yes to a lot of people who you’ve let down in the past. It’s good to get out of the caravan and explore the local area and appreciate the natural beauty!

Learning to be even thriftier.
I would class myself as a pretty money-savvy person. As I’m saving to go travelling it can be difficult not to spend the money I’ve saved on a hair cut or new clothes. Thing is, I do still treat myself but I’ve learnt to do it on an even tighter budget. It also makes you put your mind to use for money-making ventures. 

Having time for fitness.
I always used ‘not enough time' as my main excuse for skipping any exercise and scoffing a packet of biscuits instead. Now I still can’t afford a gym membership as they are very pricey out in the sticks however I have miles and miles of gorgeous countryside to explore. I’m starting easy on myself and aiming to go for a three-mile walk every day. Then hopefully I’ll be able to build up my fitness and start to jog. I also have a hula hoop, Wii fit and weights plus all the Youtube videos in the world to help me get moving. SO NO EXCUSES!

Learning more about yourself.
Sometimes when you’ve worked somewhere for a long time you become defined by your job role. You are in this little bubble where things are taken out of context. All your life you are told that you NEED a job and you NEED money otherwise you are a failure. I’ve worked since I was 13 so I’m no stranger to putting the hours in. Now I feel like I can explore different passions and ideas without being scrutinized for being unemployed. Still a lot of people ask when I’m going to get a job, I could go on jobseekers but it destroyed my soul last time and I’m proud of myself for saving up enough money to support myself without an income.

I hope this post helps some of you who are in a similar situation. It's not as bleak as everyone makes out. I'm a big believer that a little time-out can help you figure out what you really want do so with your life ooh heavy and can do wonders for your wellbeing.
What do you miss most about being employed or wish you could do if you had more free time?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


THRIFTY TRAVELS: A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise, Amsterdam

Hello everyone!
I'm back from Amsterdam! I had such an incredible time over at Lowlands Festival, four days went oh so fast.The weather was wonderful for us, I think it was in the high 20s most days and gloriously sunny.I'm a big fan of camping anyway so roughing it for a few days doesn't bother me. That being said, when I got home late on Monday night my caravan bed felt like a luxury!

In my previous post, I mentioned how we were doing the festival on a budget and we seemed to have it all worked out. When we arrived in Amsterdam Central we found a cute little restaurant called Cau and treated ourselves to brunch and 10 am Pina Coladas! Well, we were on holiday after all...
When we arrived at the festival you had to change euros into 'Muntern' the festival's own currency. This meant that out budgeting was out the window as Muntern made everything very expensive. We were street rats lucky to find a few Muntern on the floor so we could treat ourselves to churros haha.

In a way, it was nice to share food and live off the basics as it was a different festival experience. We were so excited to have squash in our water, probably as excited as when we allowed ourselves a beer each! Usually, it's the norm to get absolutely wasted at festivals but we were happy with a bottle of rum between us for a few days.
Also we noticed how well behaved the Dutch are, they definitely know how to party but there were no signs of awful, lairy drunks or people off their heads The Dutch are super-friendly and their English is amazing! I felt guilty that I couldn't speak any other language so it's definitely inspired me to learn. They welcomed us with open arms ( & beautiful airport staff) and I have fallen in love with the country and their Stroopwaffles :D

My favourite musical memories of the festival:
Years and Years covering 'Breathe' by Sean Paul & Blu Cantrell
James Bay doing his woo-aaaah-oooh noises in the crowd
Slaves just being general mad-heads on stage
Paulo Nutini singing 'Candy' and definitely looking into my eyes whilst doing so :)
Catching 'Pompeii' by Bastille
Limp Bizkit still being badass
Hot Chip just having the best set ever!
The Maccabees being so brilliant and humble
Passenger singing 'Things I hate' lalalalalaaaaaa
'Bitch don't kill my vibe' at Kendrick Lemar
Having a euphoric hour watching Tame Impala, ah it was so dreamy :)
M A J O R  L A Z E R having the most intense, upbeat energy

There were a few things I wish I'd packed that are definitely going on my festivalling abroad/ travelling essentials list;
A watch: Honestly a time-keeping device is just something you take for granted, we all had phone but they consequently ran out of battery so trying to keep to the band schedule was crazy. Next time a watch is a must have.
Portable phone charger: This one you can take or leave really but I took one to Glastonbury festival and it was brilliant, the queues for phone charging were ridiculous and I imagine it was quite a few muntern too! We managed to charge our phones at the airport on the way home so it wasn't so bad.
A hat: Again it's one of those things you'd usually pack for a holiday but as we were packing light I didn't even think to bring one. The weather was so warm and as we were constantly exposed I think I did get a wee bit of sunburn on my parting. Next time it's backwards baseball cap all the way Limp Bizkit style.

I could ramble on for hours about every little detail but I think I'll leave it there haha, I feel like after this little trip it's really got my travelling bug buzzing around. I'm planning to do some thrifty international adventures but I think I'll save that for another post...such a tease ;)

Have you ever been to Lowlands or another festival abroad? What were your essentials?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx